Car to Cash
Short on cash? Even if your car has a lien…
You can get more loan!​

Car to Cash – Even if your car has a lien, you can get more loan! Fast approval!
Who is suitable for this loan?
• Car owners who are making installment payments with a finance company/other financial institution and seeking additional loan

Key features
• Get additional loan together with balance transfer to shore up your liquidity
• Lower monthly installment amount
• Longer repayment period

Conditions :​
1. Valid for customers having a car with lien at a finance company/other financial institution per the conditions as determined by KASIKORN Leasing Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) who wish to apply for Car to Cash - car registration transferred or non-transferred. After loan is pre-approved, customer is recommended to settle their installment payment with the existing finance company/other financial institution so that the car will become lien-free; thereby the customer’s name will be specified in the car registration book as the car owner. Then, the customer can disburse the approved loan upon submission of the car registration book and other required documents.
2. To apply for and get pre-approval of Car to Cash - car registration transferred or non-transferred, with balance transfer, customers must meet the following criteria:
    2.1 The car must be in the customer’s possession for not less than six months as shown in the car registration book. The customer must have an existing debt obligation with a finance company/other financial institution as determined by the Company.
    2.2 Conditions for approving finance companies/other financial institutions are determined by the Company.
    2.3 Difference between the debt amount to be settled with the existing finance company or other financial institution and the pre-approved loan amount granted by the Company must not be less than 50,000 Baht.
3. Loan approval including criteria and other conditions are determined by the Company.
4. The Company reserves the right to change conditions as it deems appropriate without prior notice.

Required documents and loan approval period
• Two copies of national ID card
• One of the following documents as a proof of income:
   - Salary slip or income certificate issued not more than three months prior to submission
   - Copy of deposit passbook for receiving salary showing entries for the past six months
• Copy of the first page of deposit passbook for loan transfer 
• Copy of vehicle registration book
• Document showing the closing balance at the previous finance company/other financial institution, or the most recent statement