Documents to be delivered after hire purchase contract is signed

  1. ​​​​​Hire purchase contract and support documents
      • Hire purchase contract (duplicate)
      • Documents attached to hire purchase contract
      • Table of debt burden per hire purchase contract/ invoice
      • Receipt/tax invoice for down payment (in case down payment is required)
  2. Installment payment form

  3. Letter of notification on annual car tax renewal
    The company will send a letter of notification of annual car tax renewal three months (90 days) in advance of the deadline for annual car tax payment, so that there is ample time for renewal before the due date. If you want the company to carry out the annual car tax renewal on your behalf, please see the details of the payment amount in the aforementioned letter. Upon completing the payment, please send the documents required for annual car tax renewal to the company. Upon receipt of the documents and complete verification of the payment transaction, the company will proceed with the annual car tax renewal and send the tax badge to you.
  4. Notification of vehicle ownership transfer (account closing)
    ​The company will send a letter of notification of vehicle ownership transfer one month in advance of the due date for the last installment payment in accordance with the contract. Please sign the set of ownership transfer documents and attach the documents required not less than 15 days before the due date for the final installment payment. After the last installment payment and other related expenses per the details shown in the aforementioned letter has been made, with all documents and payment transactions verified, the company will proceed to have the vehicle ownership transferred and send the car registration manual to you.
  5. Documents for guarantor
    • Guarantee contract (if a guarantor is required)
    • Warning Notice to Guarantor (in case of new contract in accordance with the Notification of Office of the Consumer Protection Board, effective July 1, 2018)​

The documents will be sent to the guarantor's address given to the company, within two weeks of the contract execution date.​